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      Alex Costantino
      Alissa Faber
      Aurora Bryte Pottery
      Baste & Gather
      Bee's Wrap
      Big Picture Farm
      Bobo's Mountain Sugar
      Caitlin Betsy Bell
      Clever Elephant Stitchery
      Courtney Reckord Jewelry
      Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics
      DSKI Design
      Eat More Kale
      Edie & Glo
      Emily Titterton
      Explore Designs
      Feared Beard
      Foliage Handbags
      Found and Feral
      Green Village Soap
      Grey Owl Design
      Happy Fantastic
      Hilary Ann Love Glass
      Ignite Metals
      Jennifer Kahn Jewelry
      Jeremy Ayers
      Johnnie Day Durand
      Junie Baby Designs
      Katie Loesel
      L Elise Designs
      Lajeunesse Designs
      Leanne Shunney Illustration
      Light of March 7th Jewelry
      Lisa Ritter
      Maple Landmark
      Matt Morris
      May Day Studio
      Ministry of Culture
      New Duds
      Nicole Colella
      Nicole's Threads
      Nikki Laxar
      Pickles & Peaches
      Pleasant Ranch
      Polanshek of the Hills
      Pom Pom Queen
      Reanimated Threads
      Rebecca Haas Jewelry
      Recycle Moe
      Resource: Waste Not Products
      Roots in Silver
      Sara Longworth
      Sarah Rosedahl
      Sienna Fontaine
      Stacie Mincher Designs
      Strange Machine Accessories
      Sweet Basil Cards
      Sweet Enemy Art
      Teri's Treasures
      The Bee's Nectar
      The Root Studio
      Unknown Arts
      Vermont Dog Eats
      Written in Detail
      Zoe Tilley Poster