Welcome to Colchester!

Welcome to the latest shop on the block! We sort of surprised even ourselves with our latest opening, if we’re being honest!  As we’ve mentioned before, we like to keep our shelves full, and you our lovely customers, never cease to amaze us with your support and love for all things Golden Hour.  Soon it was clear we needed a home base for our goods, including but not limited to: mugs, pots, plants, stationery goods, housewares, cozy sweaters, reusables, bags & books. (The list simply goes on as we grow).  Soon enough, our stores needed storage, and our shipments needed a home base.  Enter, our Colchester location.  What was only supposed to be a warehouse and fulfillment center, slowly turned into a stoppable, lovable, Colchester located lated Golden Hour Gift Co!  It wasn’t our fault the floors were too beautiful for just storage.  We saw the potential, we painted the walls pink, and it wasn’t long until we had our third store.

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