Welcome to Burlington!

Welcome to Burlington store, our small(est) but mighty shop on the Church Street Marketplace, in downtown Burlington, Vermont.  We opened these doors back in 2017, and we've been busy filling it with all sorts of treasures, from gifts that make us giggle to plants and pots galore.  You'd think we're a small shop, but trust us, there isn’t really a limit to what we can fit!  Merchandising is our passion, (especially if aligns in a rainbow color coordinated fashion), and often feels like a game of Tetris…but with trinkets, mugs, stickers, and housewares that simply bring us joy.
If you do happen to stumble along the streets of the Church Street, one of our proudest quirks is our legendary plant tent.  You can’t miss its bright pink personality.  From late spring, the height of summer, and into the fall, you'll find a jungle of green beauties, waiting to turn your space into an urban oasis.
So, whether you're hunting for the perfect gift, a new plant pal, or just want to soak up some Burlington vibes, we're here and we would love to meet you. Come on down, and let's make some memories on Church Street!
Entrance of our Burlington Store